haha , ape kene budaa nehh ?

tetibe IM akue ,
mintaak jady adeq angkad .
fine , tape laah .
naa jadykan akue pet sys dea jea .
then daa lame siked start panggel akue syg pulaak .
apehal budaak nehh ,
blur sekejap .
then mntak number and suroh akue call dea petang kang .
akue ckp tade kedid , then dea ckp , gy ah topap . topap ntok dea skaly , WTH ?
pastoe tetibe anta lyrics nehh kad akue ,
The moment I met you
Happiness filled my heart
I want to always be with you
To never be apart
We've been through a lot
But we've stuck through
It's almost been a year
That I've spent with you
And no matter what happens
I will always love you
You're my heaven on earth
You mean everything to me
You're the love of my life
We were always meant to be
I see my future in your eyes
And I see hope in the skies
I'll be with you forever
We will always be together.
hahah , koe ny daah knpe derr =,="