ibu , tomorrow gonna be your day :')

firstly , sorry for all the mistakes that i've done since i was born yea bu .
i know i'll never ever be a good daughter to you .
i always hurt your feeling kan ibu ?
i know i've done sooooo many mistakes and i just don't know how to
make the things right .
all what i do , will just be a mistakes and its horrible .
i'll never make you happy even once kan ibu ?
why eh ? i really wanna make you happy .
but , i can't and i'll never do .
what i know is just hurt you and make you sad ,
i hate myself just because of my behaviour !
i admit that i've lie you before , but i swear bu i really regret it .
i know you really dissapointed coz have a daughter like me .
but i'd tried so many times to chill you up and make you smile .
insyaallah bu , i'll study hard for my SPM this year ,
and make you proud of me .
i just need your pray and support .
and last word , ILOVEYOUSOOMUCHH ibu .
i'm lucky to have a mother as strong as you ,
and no ones could replace you bu .
muahhhhhh iloveyouuuu <3
sorry for all my mistakes

bertudung ? hahaha :D

HAAAAA , acane ?
ramay yg bagy reaksi positive , thanks koranggg :)
doaDOAkan jelaa kay .
insyaallah tak lame lagy akue akan bertudung .
plus , ibu pun mmg dah lame nak akue bertudung sbenanye :)
so , slow slow laah k .
budak baru belajar kan .
paham paham jelaah camne .
hee .
so korang yg dah expert toe .
ajar ajar laah siked cmne nak pakai tudung kad akue kayy :)
hee , thats all fer today .
assalamualaikum :)