sleep every night with you :)

i want to sleep with you ,
i dont mean to having a sex .
i mean sleep . together .
under my blankets ,
in my bed .
with my hand on your chest .
and your arm around me .
hugging all nite long .
just sleepy , blissfully happy . silence :)

coz tonight gonna be our goodnight :)

late Nights with you .
it’s time again , the late sleepless nights with you on the computer and phone .
Oh how i wish i could be there with you instead being behind this 17 inch screen . 
i wish i could just sleep next to you  , 
because just talking to you on the computer and phone just isn’t enough .
i hope that i could be there beside you so i can hold you close . 
but just having to see what you type to me puts the biggest smile on my face . 
i feel as if you’re with me , 
but only if you really were and then i wouldn’t have to feel so alone in this house . 
i love it when we always go on the phone together ,
and spend hours and hours on there , 
talking and share everythings . 
but for now , we will just be talking and going on the phone , 
but one day i will make sure that i am right there next to you in reality 
and when that day comes i can finally say 
that i am happy that met you .
i can say that thank god that i know you 
and that i can finally be with you