once upon a time :)

once , he's the one that stole my heart ,
meor muhd hidayat :)
takpe laah , dapad gamba awak cmny pon daa cukop dary saye langsong tade gamba awak kan .
just god know haw much i miss you right now , haishh .
even u hurt me a lot , you're still the one that i can't forget until today .
hump . now i already found a person that absolutely behave like you .
and its was him .
tengku denish haikal <3
care dea ckp , care dea gelak sume ,
sebijik mcm awak ,
dea bnyk persamaan dgn awak ,
alhamdulillah , saye jumpe pengganty awak .
and saye harap ,
lepas saye kehilangan awak ,
saye takkan kehilangan dea pulakk ,
cukop laah awak jea yg tggal kan saye .
tapy dea , jangan yee denish ?

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