9th april 2011 :)

heee , yeahh lets talk about 9th april 2011 :)
i wake up at 3 in the morning ,
prepare all the stuff to the marching competition .
huh , 5.30 i arrived to sch , do a lit bit training before the competition .
then after that , we all are ready to go and beat all the rest .
jyeahh !
when we reached there , seriously damn nervous kayy .
looks at all the participants ,
err , they are so so so amazing kayy .
hahaha , daah laah . gedik pulaak akue nak speaking kan . 
hee , orang demam kan mmg gylee siked . sorry kayy .
haa , sambong cerite .
kad sane mcm2 daah jady .
haishhh ,
kesian tguk budak2 bombe . mcm2 masalah .
well , last minute preparation kan .
thats why laah laah -.-
ape pon bombe the best , korang dah cube kan .
korang pon tak kurangg hebatnye if nak dibandingkandengan kadet bombe dary sch laen kad sane toe .
if prepare awal i'm sure korang will be better laah .
ape pon , korangg hebat kayy !
dah habes cite pasal bombe .
now story about kitorang pulaak k , 
hee , KRS ?
okay okay jea laah .
kitorang boleh buadd lagy bagoss sbenanye , tapy dsebabkan
keadan jady huru hara + kelam kabut gylee .
toe yang kitorang pon jady serabot .
time kitorang perform , ade laah 2,3 orang buad salah kan kan .
adat laah manusia buad silap .
hee , ape pon kitorang dah cube buad yang tebaek .
and dah cube ntok harumkan name SMKPM .
ecehhhh :D

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