errr , knape ehh ? --'

err okayy .
talk about him ,
he is muhd afiq bin zainudin :)
*cehh , engad lagy kan full name you .
first of all , sorry coz cury picaa and write about you on my blog .
i just miss you soo fuckin a lot kay apyt .
i rendue time kite rapad dulue .
knape ehh kite tk macam dulue ?
maybe i ade buadd salaa yang i tak prasan .
or maybe i ade sakedkan haty you tanpe i sedar kan ?
papepon , i mintak maaf sgtsgt ehh .
i didn't mean it , seriously !
hump , i just miss all those moment that i spend before with you .
texting and share all the prob together ,
now , tkde daah toe sumee kan .
hump , tkpe lhaa .
ape pon , i tk penaah lupe pon toe sume .
i just hope we can be as close as we used to do before .
btw , thanks a lot BESTIE <3

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