you're as sweet as sugar sweetheart :)

me : byy , i really hope a love that we build together will stay FOREVER .
and i wish that our love is not just like a rainbow ,
its wonderful just for awhile and will dissapears in a blink .
and during this relationship ,
i just want you to sincere and be honest with me .
not more than that b :')
hopefully what happen before will never happen again ,
coz i'm not strong enough for that b .
i'm not a toy to play with .
prove to me that you're not like all the guy that i know before .
please b !
iloveyou always sayang .
and as you know , you're the most precious things i ever had b :) <3

him : this year , i never seen rainbow . maybe i just see it twice a year or once .
its just like you , its HARD to find .
but it will dissapper rite ?
its needs water vapour and sunlight to be formed .
so i'll be the sun that will rain you with full of love to make you STAY :)

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