almost two months we're get through everythings together , i'm happy with you my one and only love :)

i'm so glad coz have someone like you b ,
you're my one and only ,
my life begins , since you come into it ,
you make me laugh , smile and happy all the time .
iloveyou b , always and FOREVER ♥♥
those sweet words that come from your mouth ,
still in my mind and i'll always remember it b :)
did you remember all this words b ?

♥ i dont want anyone else . and i will never leave you for other girl . 
sorry , they're not you and can't be like you either they're better .
you're my one and only ,
the SUPERB ! 

♥ i trust you sayang . anything comes out by you ,
i never doubt it . iloveyou baby , my sweet little girl <3

♥ you such a good girl . and you are the one i trust the most . 
you know i can't lose you anymore . iloveyou baby <3

♥ each time i open my eyes in the morning ,
i'll always smile when looking at your face on my phone screen ;)

♥ Qie , no matter how many beautiful girls keep persuades me . 
you still the most and my only one okay ?
they can't compete you and the can't even being candidates .

♥ Qie Zarra , i love you . just you sweety  .
i don't want anyone else come between us .

♥ sayang , listen up . i'm not perfect enough .
 i have nothing bby . i just can give you my love and loyalty .
thats all i got bby .

♥ thanks for the beautiful pic of you on my fone wallpaper .
its always catch my eyes when i'm not looking at it .
its makes me crazy of you .

♥ i want be the best qie , better than your ex :D

♥ swear to god , IILOVEYOU until my last breathe prince :) 

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