you make me feel like i'm the happiest person alive :')


i couldn`t seem to find the perfect words to describe how happy i am with you in my life .
before , i was a complete mess .  then you came and changed everything .
 you let me learn how it feels to be loved and fall in love again .
you always bring smile on my face every single day of my life .
even if we`re not together ,
i promise to be strong and i promise to give my best to make this relationship work
because when you told me you love me
and when you promised that you will never leave me ,
i know you really mean it .
and in the end , we both know that it will be all worth it .
i know , you`re worth it . you`re worth the wait .
thank you for coming into my life .
right now , all i know  is that you mean the world to me . 
iloveyou Capital F :)

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