long distance relationship :')

people have always asked me what is a long distance relationship , 
how do they work , do they ever last and that they’re difficult . 
true long distance is difficult but so is every relationship . 
it’s a risk that everyone takes when they say words like 
” Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend. ”
but the truth is long distance is something that can be greater 
than having someone that lives in the same city as you . 
long distance is a commitment 
where the two of you might only see each other maybe once every six months
or sometimes not even at all until one day you two find a way to meet .
it’s trust and love that may prevail in long distance . 
as long as if you keep your head up and believe in that you two can make it 
then one day both of your lives will collide and join as one . 
it’s the will of love in the ones who care for each other that keeps them going on one day at a time . 
not everyone that they look for in someone is near by , 
that is why it’s okay to be with someone 
 even though you may not even see them to often 
other than behind a monitor or hear there voice from phone call away .
no matter what people may say about long distance ,
it’s still something real in a relationship . 
it just might take a little time in between before you two meet ,
but when you do its as if magic has struck .
- like me and my capital F- 

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